93rd Anniversary death of HM King Peter I the Liberator



His Grace Bishop Jovan of Sumadija with clergy served a Holy Liturgy and Requiem at the Church of St. George in Oplenac today on 93rd Anniversary of the death of HM King Peter I the Liberator.

After the service, Mr Predrag Markovic, member of the Crown Council laid a wreath on the behalf of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II, a great grandson of HM King Peter I the Liberator. Wreaths were laid also by representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs on behalf of the Government of Serbia, Ministry of Defence and Army of Serbia, the Foundation of King Peter I in Topola and members of the Association for preserving tradition of wars of liberation, and other admirers of King Peter I.

King Peter I the Liberator died in Belgrade in 1921, was one of most significant Serbian rulers. He ascended to the throne after the May Coup d’Etat. His reign was marked by annexation crisis, Customs War with Austria – Hungary, First Balkan War and the Great War, from which Serbia emerged victorious, after great victories in Kumanovo, Bregalnica, Cer, Kolubara River, and Thessaloniki front. Serbia suffered huge casualties, but brought its statehood legacy into the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

King Peter I the Liberator is highly appreciated by the Serbian people, because of his heroism, democratic views (the King translated John Stuart Mill’s essay “On Liberty”), respect for people and modesty.