Slobodan Perovic


Prof. Dr.Slobodan Perovic CC, SAZU, Dr.iur., Professor of the Faculty of Law of the Belgrade University and Head of the Civil Law Chair. President of the Scientific Society of Serbia. President of the Iurists’ Association of Yugoslavia. Arbiter of the International Commerical Arbitrage. Founder of the Kopaonik School of the Natural Law. Editor of the Pravni zivot magazine, of the Scientific Review magazine, and Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Library Classics of the Yugosolav Law. Editor in Chief and Redactor of the General Enciplopaedia of Law, etc. Born in 1932 in Prokuplje. Married, father of a daughter and a son. Resides in Belgrade (Serbia, Yugoslavia).

Author of many books, among them: Obligational Law, Formal Contracts in Civil Law, Forbidden Contracts in Property Relations, Retroactivity of the Law – Theory of Legal Conflict in Time, Legal-Philosophical Polemics, Natural Right and Court, Justice and Acquired Rights, Commutative Justice and Damage Compensation, A State of Law and Crisis of the Justice System, Theory of Public Order, Contract as an Act of Moral and Law-Based Civilization, Justice and the Dignity of the Court, Property Question, Let Us Return to the School of the Natural Law, Hexagon of the Natural Law, Between Carnality and Wisdom of the Law, Three Fallacies – Obstacles to the Establishment of the State of Law, Legality of the Natural Rights, Prolongatio iuris naturalis, etc.