Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Education and Karic Foundation sign Cooperation Agreement



An agreement of cooperation between the Foundation of Crown Prince Alexander for Education and the Karic Foundation was signed today at the Royal Palace.  By signing this agreement the signatories confirmed cooperation between the two Foundations in the areas of shared interests such as promoting education and academic research in Serbia.

The Foundations will cooperate in the field of improving and creating new opportunities for talented young people, promoting national culture, connecting young people from Serbia with their peers from abroad, preparing our young people for social responsibility and community activities, and improving society through community work, connecting academic and business communities, as well as organizing cultural events of humanitarian character.

As a sign for a good beginning, successfully future and close cooperation, the Karic Foundation donated five laptops to the Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Education. The Crown Prince Alexander Foundation for Education is very grateful for this very kind donation and thanks the Karic Foundation.