Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Education and French Embassy in Serbia sign convention on opportunities for students to study in France


Mr. Dusan Babac, director of the HRH Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Education and HE Mr. Francois Xavier Deniau, French Ambassador to Serbia signed today at the French Embassy the Convention on cooperation between the French Embassy in Serbia and the HRH Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Education, in order to expand the possibilities of studying in France to students from Serbia.

The signed Convention with the Foundation predicts that the Embassy of France, among the Foundation candidates for the scholarship, select according to certain criteria (success in studies, master level in the field of exact, natural and engineering professions, as well as in law and political science) those students who will receive an additional scholarship from the French government that covers the cost of compulsory insurance in France and gives the status of a French government grant that allows the use of other various benefits during the study.

This new program of co-financed scholarships joins the existing scholarship programmes of the French Embassy in Serbia, thanks to which more than 50 students from Serbia in 2014/15 will study as grantees of the French government in France. Mobility of the Serbian students who belong to the priorities of the French Embassy in Serbia, allows Serbia to rely on the Francophone elite in its path towards the European Union.

The main objective of the HRH Crown Prince Alexander II Foundation for Education is to enable to the best students of Serbian universities to continue their education at prestigious foreign institutions of higher education, in order to use acquired knowledge upon the return to the homeland in the best interest of the country. In order to achieve the objectives, the Foundation primarily works on connecting Serbian higher education institutions with prominent European and American institutions initiating and creating a platform for long-term cooperation. In this way, the Foundation strives to open the door to the world to young academics from Serbia.