Crown Prince hosts White Palace State Art Collection Catalogue promotion


Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine hosted last night at the White Palace the presentation of the Catalogue of the State Art Collection of the Royal Compound in Belgrade (in Serbian and English), which contains the first complete cataloguing, systematization and processing of the works of art located in the Royal Compound. Beside Crown Prince Alexander, the attendees were addressed by Prof. Cedomir Vasic, Prof. Jasna Jovanov, director of the Memorial Collection “Pavle Beljanski” and the authors of this important catalogue, Prof. Jelena Todorovic and Mrs. Biljana Crvenkovic.

“Tonight we have the unique pleasure of witnessing the promotion of the two-volume catalogue of fine art collection, which is kept in the Royal Palaces in Dedinje, Belgrade. This catalogue is the result of many years of dedicated and professional engagement of Jelena Todorovic and Biljana Crvenkovic. For our culture, but also for the global professional and scientific audience, this is a significant date. My wife and I would very much like that our public, both professional and every other, realize that the issue of the protection of this heritage is an important one, the one that goes beyond the limits of ideology, ownership, legal framework and political passions, and that the question has never been whether there were funds for this, but why these funds do not exist!” said Crown Prince Alexander in his speech.

In 2010, the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, upon completion of the study of the works of art, declared the entire collection a cultural asset of national importance.

The collection contains a total of 315 works of superior artistic value, of which 137 works of foreign art (discussed in the first volume of the Catalogue) and 178 works of Yugoslav art (discussed in the second volume of the Catalogue).

Both volumes of the Catalogue have comprehensive introductory texts that address all relevant issues of the formation and enrichment of the collection, colour reproductions with accompanying essays and biographies of artists for the most important works (227), black & white reproductions with full technical data for other works (88), the list of used literature for each artist, indexes in both languages and acknowledgments to the institutions and individuals who were of great help in studying and treatment of the works.

Foreign art works are classified according to the territorial origins (French, Italian, Dutch…) and Yugoslav artists’ works according to the technique (painting, sculpture, graphics…). Within these categories, the foreign works are presented chronologically, while the Yugoslav works are in alphabetical order of the authors.

This Catalogue, which is the crown of their eight years of research, is signed by art historians Jelena Todorovic and Biljana Crvenkovic.

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