HRH Crown Prince Alexander, HE Mr. Vladimir Gasparic, Ambassador of Slovenia and authors of the exhibion


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander officially opened an exhibition of photographs “King Peter II in the Slovenian Alps” at the White Palace. The exhibits include the photographs of King Peter II, which tell the story about his conquest of Triglav Mountain in the summer of 1939, as well as about his regular stays in the Slovenian Alps during his childhood and youth.

“I am very glad that this exhibition has been organized in cooperation with the People’s Museum from Slovenia and Mr. Nani Poljanec. My father, King Peter, very much liked to spend his time in Slovenia. He loved mountain climbing and in 1939 he climbed Triglav, the highest mountain in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. I hope that this excellent exhibition will further illuminate the period of youth of the last king of Yugoslavia, as well as the life in Yugoslavia before the Second World War. Respecting our history, we turn to the future today, hoping to establish friendship with the Slovenian people like the one my father, King peter II cherished”, said Crown Prince Alexander in his introductory address.

The authors of the exhibition are Nani Poljanec and Peter Miksa, and the organizer is the People’s Museum Rogaska Slatina together with the Royal Palace Fund. The opening ceremony was attended by the representatives of the diplomatic corps and advisory bodies of the Crown, as well as many other prominent figures from the world of art and culture.

“One of the youngest collections of the People’s Museum in Rogaska Slatina is the Royal Collection, an extraordinary collection of original photographs, paintings, letters and other documents, textiles and other materials. It is one of the largest collections dedicated to the Royal Family Karadjordjevic and the period of its reign from 1903 to 1945. Nani Poljanec is not just a Slovenian who respects the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes and Yugoslavia, as the first state in contemporary history in which the Slovenians were a constituent people, nor is he the sole initiator of a private museum in Slovenia, which has items related to the Karadjordjevic dynasty in its collections. Nevertheless, Nani Poljanec is always a step ahead from all the others that you had the opportunity to meet”, said Dusan Babac, a member of the Privy Council.

The material for the exhibition includes a number of interesting items, among which are the badge of the Good Skier, the badge of the Sokol Gathering in Belgrade I degree, carried by King Peter II and only a few of the highest representatives of the Sokol Federation in Yugoslavia, various badges of the Yugoslav Winter Sports Association, various Sokol badges, Orjuna, Sokols Gathering 1934 in Zagreb, Red Cross, Planica, Adriatic Coast Guard. Within the exhibited items, there are photographs from the personal archive of the late Dr. Ljubomir Kostic, personal friend of King Peter II from his youth.

The exhibition will be open to the public from December 14th to December 22nd, during working days, at 11:00 am and at 2:00 pm, with prior announcement to the office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

The exhibition “King Peter II in the Slovenian Alps” at the White Palace HRH Crown Prince Alexander and Mr. Nani Poljanec Opening of the exhibition “King Peter II in the Slovenian Alps” at the White Palace HRH Crown Prince Alexander and Mr. Nani Poljanec