Finnish accelerator Startup Sauna today at the Royal Palace



Royal Council of Entrepreneurship organized a visit of Finnish accelerator Startup Sauna, that gave local startup companies an opportunity to get acquainted with another European accelerator today at the Royal Palace, while local startups had an opportunity to present themselves in standard 3 minutes pitches, and then to attend 1-on-1 mentor sessions.

Startup Sauna is the one of most prominent Scandinavian accelerators, that connects startups from North and Eastern Europe and Russia. 109 companies have been through their programs so far, that have raised 34 million US dollars investments. Beside feedback and validation of their business models, best startups had an opportunity to be chosen for the program of this accelerator, that includes 5 weeks stay in Helsinki and participation at one of Europe’s biggest startup events – Slush, that has gathered 1,200 startups from 70 countries, 300 angel investors and 100 VC funds last year.

Royal Council of Entrepreneurship has invited this accelerator first of all because it provides an added value for startups through individual sessions with mentors, and 8 to 10 chosen teams in Belgrade will have this opportunity. Three mentors from this accelerator as well as several of them from Belgrade have granted 20 minutes to each participant.

Relying on the expertise and aggregate knowledge and experience of its founders, the Council operates under the aegis of the Royal Palace with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II acting as its Patron. The principle aims of the Council’s mission are to facilitate coordination and collaboration among Serbia’s leading organizations involved in the development and support of entrepreneurship and innovation. The Royal Council for Entrepreneurship also provides a single voice to the media, the Serbian government and industry regarding the needs of investors and opportunities available to them. The founding members of the Council are the Serbian Private Equity Association (SPEA), the Serbian Business Angels Network (SBAN), the Innovation Fund, the Business Technology Incubator of the Technical Faculties of Belgrade (BITF), Serbian Venture Network (SeVeN – Belgrade Venture Forum), SEE ICT and Startup Weekend Belgrade.