Dr. Nenad Kecmanovic, HRH Crown Prince Alexander and Dr. Cedomir Antic


The book “History of the Republic of Srpska” by Nenad Kecmanovic and Cedomir Antic, published by “Nedeljnik Magazine” was officially presented at the Royal Palace in Dedinje.

“I am very glad that the home of my family is the place where this important work is being presented to the public. My family, unfortunately, knows well what it means when politics and ideology take over writing history. Fortunately, times have changed, and the new generation of Serbian historians have successfully fought for history to become independent of the influences that are trying to distort it, or even forge it. I am sure that the work we present tonight will make a significant contribution to that independence. Thank you, Mr. Antic and Mr. Kecmanovic, for courageously defending the truth about our people through your great scientific work”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

In addition to Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine and the author, the promotion was also attended by famous Serbian painter Cile Marinkovic with wife, members of the Advisory bodies to the Crown and other distinguished guests.

The work represents an important historical document, because for the first time it gathers scientific material on the history of the Serbian people on the territory of the Republic of Srpska in one volume. It contains many photographs, illustrations and reproductions, and 44 newly created maps related to various historical periods of the territory.

Based on an extensive bibliography of 2,500 scientific papers, in 15 chapters the authors have included all personalities, events, revolutions, occupations, turmoils and struggles of great importance for the Republic of Srpska, including annexation by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the First and Second World War, the period between the two wars, Yugoslavia, as well as the 25 years of the Republic of Srpska existence.

Mr. Darko Tanaskovic, Dr. Nenad Kecmanovic, HRH Crown Prince Alexander, Dr. Cedomir Antic, Mr. Veljko Lalic HRH Crown Prince Alexander at the promotion of the book “History of the Republic of Srpska” Promotion of the book “History of the Republic of Srpska”

Promotion of the book “History of the Republic of Srpska” Dr. Cedomir Antic at the promotion of the book “History of the Republic of Srpska” HRH Crown Prince Alexander, Beba and Cile Marinkovic, HRH Crown Princess Katherine, Dr. Cedomir Antic