The Bravery Medal was instituted on 14 November 1912. It was awarded for acts of personal and conspicuous bravery in the field at the time of the First Balkan War against the Ottoman Empire (in 1912). The Medal consisted of two Classes (Gold and Silver Medal, the design of the later one being different from Gold Medal), and was bestowed during a rather short period, after which it was substituted with another model. The reason for the substitution was due to the fact that the obverse of Gold Medal displayed an allegoric female effigy, a seemingly unacceptable choice of design for a Bravery Medal according to the opinion of the rank and file of the Serbian Army. The Gold Medal was worn on red ribbon, the Silver one on the tricolor ribbon (red-blue-white, of equal width). Author of the Medal was Djordje Jovanovic.

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