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The Order of
St. Sava
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The Order of St. Sava was instituted by King Milan I on 23 January 1883, concurrently with the Order of the White Eagle. The Order was named after the Archbishop St. Sava, from the Royal House of Nemanjic, who died at the beginning of the thirteenth century. Between the arms of the white and blue enameled Maltese Cross gilt double headed eagles are displayed. The obverse medallion represents the Saint's icon, surrounded with an oval ring inscribed "Through his efforts, he achieved everything"! 

King Petar I continued to award the Order, only the Founder's cipher was removed from the reverse medallion, and substituted with the year of the Foundation (1883). 

The Order was organized into five classes, and was awarded to Serbian citizens and foreign nationals, for merit in the field of culture, public instruction, science, civil service and divinity, as well as for the general service rendered to the King, State and Nation, by civilians or the military. 

The Order is conferred by the Crown. It should not be confused with the homonymous three classes Order of merit awarded presently by the Serbian Orthodox Church. 

The Order's insignia were first manufactured in Vienna (Austria), by Rothe & Neffe, Vincent Mayer's Soehne, Karl Fischmeister and G. Scheid. After the outbreak of the Balkan and Great War, the insignia were manufactured by Arthus Bertrand of Paris (France) and Huguenin Freres of Le Locle (Switzerland), as well as by some national workshops (Sorlini of Varazdin, and Griesbach & Knaus, of Zagreb). Later the insignia differed in having the Saint's vestments in pale green in stead of the original dark red. 

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