Royal Orders
The Order of Saint Prince Lazarus
Collar of the Order
King Peter II with Collar of the Order
The order of Saint Prince Lazarus was instituted by the Decision of the Parliament, signed by the King Aleksandar I, to commemorate the fifth centenary of the Battle of Kossovo (28 June 1389), that ended in the collapse of the medieval Serbian state. Saint Prince Lazarus, of the House of Hrebeljanovic, commanded the Serbian armies that were defeated by the Ottoman Sultan Murat I. The Sultan was assassinated by Serbian knight Milos Obilic, while captured the Serbian Prince was beheaded by the victorious Turks. The cult of the Saint Prince was very strong among Serbs, and the event was reckoned to be the paramount one in the entire history of Serbs. The commemoration of the 500th Anniversary took form of the Anontment of the King, and the Collar of Saint Prince Lazarus ordered to be made by Nicolaus und Dunker of Hannau (Germany). The Order is worn only by the King of Serbia and by his Crown Prince (when of majority). Since inception, the Order has been worn only by the following: 
  • King Aleksandar I (Obrenovic)
  • King Petar I
  • Prince Djordje (as Crown Prince, 1903-1908)
  • Prince, later King Aleksandar I,
  • King Petar II, 
  • Crown Prince Alexander II,
  • On 5 February 1998, The Heir to the Throne, Prince Petar, officially joined the list of Holders of the Collar of Saint Prince Lazarus.
The insignia are very elegant, made of gold, enamels, embellished with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and pearls. The design was done by Mihailo Valtrovic. 

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