HRH Crown Prince Alexander II remarks on the occasion of the Centenary of the Battle of Cer


It is one hundred years since the great Serbian Army victory at Cer Mountain!

Today in Tekeris Serbia gratefully remembers and bows to the heroes’ shadows. Today, we are proud of our ancestors, praying and hoping that they are not ashamed of their descendants. Today, we are united in our pride, forgetting what had separated us until yesterday, and not fearing what will separate us as of tomorrow. Today, we are Serbia, and when today passes, hopefully we will not ask ourselves what happened today!

A hundred years ago, at Cer Mountain, the Serbian people had a worthy army, the army had a worthy command, the command had a worthy government, the government had a worthy king, the king had a worthy people! It was a country of the worthy! And we are paying our respects and gratitude to them today. Because of them we are obliged to think about worthiness and dignity today! Ours, not theirs. They proved themselves, we are still at the exam.

Today, Their Majesties King Peter I, King Alexander I, Voivoda Stepanovic and Voivoda Misic are watching us from their pedestals. From above, their army is watching, and from our souls rises prayer for the repose and peace of their souls, and for the salvation of their people. Before they defeated the enemy, they had defeated the evil in themselves, they had overcome jealousy, fear, hatred and selfishness. That is why their victory was so bright, and that is why it still illuminates our existence.

That is why we are all today at Cer, wherever we are. That is why we feel we are great even when we are not, hoping that we will turn out to be the way we feel, when it is needed.

We pray to the Lord to pour out His grace on the defenders of our country, on the fallen and the survivors, wherever they rest and wherever they found a home and peace.

Long live Serbia!