HRH Crown Princess Katherine message for International Women’s Day


Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine issued the following message for International Women’s Day 8 March 2014:

“I extend my congratulations and support to all women in Serbia. We have to be aware of our responsibilities as women, and to continue our struggle to preserve our families, and to achieve a better and happier future for our children and our country. The secret for success of our effort is to be supportive of our families first and to our job and our society in having priorities in what we do.

Women have always been a cohesion factor in society, a silent majority that supports progress and change. We must insist on equal representation of women in all segments of the society, and especially in places where the most important decisions regarding the future of this country are being made.

My Foundation has been implementing programs for cervical cancer prevention and breast cancer prevention for several years, and by doing that trying to help to solve two major health problems of our women. I would like to make an appeal to all our women today, to take better care of their health, and to visit their doctors on a regular basis, because prevention and early detection is the best way to combat these diseases.

I use this opportunity to express my admiration for the courage and endurance that our women have shown during very difficult times. I am always with you”, said HRH Crown Princess Katherine in her statement.