Karadjordje Museum in Radovanjski lug near Velika Plana opens

Konak i Crkva


A Museum about Karadjordje, the supreme leader of the First Serbian Uprising and founder of Karadjordjevic Dynasty was opened during the weekend in Radovanjski lug near Velika Plana.

There were present His Grace Bishop Ignjatije of Branicevo who gave his blessings to the project, Mr Predrag Markovic and Mr Darko Spasic, members of the Crown Council, who were present on behalf of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II, descendent of Karadjordje, Mr Dejan Sulkic, Mayor of Velika Plana, Father Predrag Popovic, who started and ran a project, great number of donors and several hundred citizens.

Mr Predrag Markovic read a letter from His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II: “I was very happy to hear that Museum about Karadjordje is opening in Radovanjski lug. I was not able to attend personally, so please extend my best wishes to His Grace Bishop Ignjatije, the faithful and honourable citizens of Radovanjski lug, representatives of local and state authorities, and all those who made it possible that this Museum opens. In this place Serbia was killed, but here the death was defeated as well! Karadjordje died for a moment, but continues to live in eternity and Serbia escaped death and went on to fight. We live for God and through God, we last through memory and the love of our descendants, and our future lays in our capability to remember and our virtue to be grateful”.

One part of the Karadjordje Museum is devoted to centenary of the Great War, with an exhibition of Military uniforms and weapons from that time.

There is also a big cannon from the First Serbian Uprising, a collection of guns, documents, as well as a portrait of Karadjordje size 210 x 110cm, made by the famous painter Paja Jovanovic. Karadjordje is portrayed drawing a silver sabre, dressed in black national costume, with red ribbon across his chest. Visitors claim that his eyes follow them wherever they move in front of the painting.

The Memorial Complex Radovanjski lug covers an area of 46 hectares (113 acres). The first burial place of Karadjordje was located there, together with church of St. Archangel Gabriel, summer stage and entrance gate to Radovanjski lug. It is located 8.5 km from Velika Plana and 3.5 km from Pokajnica Monastery.

Supreme leader Djordje Petrovic – Karadjordje will be remembered in Serbian history not only as the leader of the First Serbian Uprising (1804 – 1813), but for his tragic death as well and the fact that his remains were buried four times. In 1817 Karadjordje came back to Serbia secretly after three years in exile. He found shelter in the village of Radovanje, upon invitation of his best man Vujica Vulevic. Karadjordje couldn’t dream of that his best man was a part of conspiracy orchestrated by Milos Obrenovic, who was afraid that Karadjordje came back to take power from him. In the early morning of July 26, on St. Archangel Gabriel Day, conspirators axed Karadjordje in sleep. His head was sent to a Sultan in Istanbul, while his body was buried in Radovanjski lug, under the oak, with a cross carved. Later on Karadjordje’s body was exhumed several times and finally it was laid to rest in peace at Royal Mausoleum in St. George Church in Oplenac.

King Alexander I, great grandson of Karadjordje, built the memorial Church of St. Archangel Gabriel in in 1930. It was a replica of the church in Oplenac.

The museum was opened thanks to great personal efforts and enthusiasm of father Predrag Popovic, people of Radovanjski lug who volunteered in construction works, and companies and Gosa montaza ad Velika Plana, Asa ibelik Velika Plana, Donic doo, Mlekara Plana, Prva mesna zajednica velika plans  Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage, Canzona doo, Bozinovic and Petkovic families, Radovanovic and Radic wineries, private collector Mr Darko Gajic from Veliko Orasje. Central manifestation of marking of 200th anniversary of death of Karadjordje will be organized in Radovanjski lug in 2017.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II invites all citizens to come to visit this Memorial Complex of extraordinary importance for our people and our state.

Vladika Ignjatije i Jerej Predrag Popovic Predrag Marković, clan Krunskog saveta  i Jerej Predrag Popović, vodja projekta Predrag Marković, cita pismo Prestolonaslednika, Darko Spasic, clan Krunskog saveta i predsednik opstine Velika Plana