Launching of the Book “First World War and Balkan Knot” and documentary series “Centenary of the Great War – from assassination to war” at the Royal Palace



His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II hosted a special event at the Royal Palace this evening, where Institute for contemporary history presented an Anthology “First World War and Balkans Knott” and for the first time new documentary TV Serial that will be broadcasted on National television RTS “Centenary of the Great War – from assassination to War – Telegrams”.

I am sure that this book will greatly contribute to the additional clarification of the consequences of the First World War, in which the Kingdom of Serbia had a significant involvement. Throughout its history, Serbia has played a key role in the Balkans, where the interests of the great powers were often interlocked. The impact of these interests occasionally reflected on the whole of Europe and the world. Such is the case with the First World War. Considering the decisions that we, as a nation and the state, had brought the past and summing the experiences of the events in which we participated, we can determine the way we are going to take in the future.”, said Crown Prince Alexander II in his address.

This Anthology is a product of Scientific conference “First World War and Balkan Knot” that was heldon September 6 and 7, 2011 and was dedicated to political relations on the Balkans and Europe before the First World War. Over fifty scientists from Russia, USA, France, Japan, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia presented their research results on the Conference and tried to answer the questions which are still actual even one hundred years after the Great War.

The official closing of the Conference was held at the White Palace under auspices of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II and all the papers from that Conference were presented in today’s Book. Editors were Dr Jasmina Milanovic, Mr Ivana Pantelic and Mr Miomir Gatalovic. Book was published by the Institute for Contemporary History, Faculty of security studies and Faculty of philosophy in Banja Luka.

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