Plaque for Queen Maria unveiled by great-grandson Prince Alexander



His Royal Highness Prince Alexander, son of HRH Crown Prince Alexander and great-grandson of Her Majesty Queen Maria, accompanied by Ms Dunja Kusturica and Mr Dragomir Acovic, Chairman of the Crown Council, and in the company of Mr Stojan Nikolic, president of the Belgrade City Municipality of Palilula, unveiled plaque devoted to HM Queen Maria on a building in Queen Maria Street  2 – 4 today in Belgrade.

HRH Prince Alexander said he was very honoured and happy to be there to unveil a plaque devoted to his great-grandmother, considering that to be a contribution to the revival of Serbian history and preservation of Serbian identity. “Serbia has so much culture and beauty that we have to cherish”, emphasized Prince Alexander.

Reminding the present about the life and humanitarian work of Queen Maria, Mr Acovic stressed that Belgrade luckily still has many buildings and institutions that she had founded, and was their protector and benefactor. “She is remembered as a great person above all. When the city council decided to rename this street after her again following so many years, that was one of the most smoothly passed decisions we can remember. That tells more about her than any story we can tell in her favour”, Mr Acovic says.

Mr Stojan Nikolic President of Palilula Municipality said that this Municipality is trying to build a special spirit of remembering forgotten values, testified by today’s event, as well as the fact that a пrimary school in Ovca bears the name of Queen Maria as of last year.

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