Belgrade, 29 November 2003 - His Holiness Pavle, the Patriarch of Serbia has sent, on behalf of the Holly Synod of Serbian Orthodox Church a letter of support to HRH Crown Prince Alexander II and Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy:

Your Royal Highness,

Regarding Your esteemed letter of 21 November 2003, it is our honor to reply as following:

The entire history of Serbian people is in the sign of our rulers and ruling houses. In the recent two hundred years, a particular role was played by Karadjordjevic Dynasty. Without the Supreme Leader Karadjordje, the liberation of Serbian nation from the Ottoman slavery is unthinkable, just as the personalities of King Peter I and King Alexander the Unifier are built in the very quintessence of our state and Serbian people in the first half of the 19th century. Thus the national saying “It is no good without a King”, was proven right in the period after WW2 and the second half of the 20th century, when under the form of democracy, under a president, a reign of tyranny unprecedented in the history of Serbian people was established. Contrary to that, at the same time, European countries that had preserved parliamentary monarchy, now represent examples of prosperous and well organized countries, flagships of true democracy.

Because of that, Your Royal Highness, it is clear to everybody that the Church, in its very nature against any form of violence, stands on the point of view that the decision on abolishing monarchy, as well as many other decisions (confiscation of property etc.) brought in 1945, were the result of tyranny and as such should be declared null and void by the official institutions of any truly democratic society, in the name of God’s love and justice, and true general welfare and freedom. It goes without saying that this is not in the Church’s jurisdiction. The Church is here to pray for and support those who are in charge to bring such decision, to create normal premises for the recovery of our society and our state, as well as the conditions for the rule of law and final victory of justice.

In that name, Your Royal Highness, please accept the expressions of our special respect.

With God’s blessing

Patriarch of Serbia



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