Record attendance expected for pitching business ideas at the Royal Palace


Under the auspices of HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Education and Culture, Startup weekend is coming once again to Serbia on 9 May, after being hosted successfully in the Royal Palace last year. Whether you have a business idea or a skill that is necessary in building a successful startup, this event is certainly one that aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, marketers and financiers  should not miss.

Crown Prince Alexander who spear headed this initiative and is excited about his attendance said: “Entrepreneurship is key to economic recovery and is the backbone of every economy. Serbs have entrepreneurial dreams and I want to help fulfill those dreams. I have hosted many events for startups and entrepreneurship over the years. I have also discussed with investors across the world the opportunities that exist here. Perception, talent and education is key to entrepreneurship and we are blessed in this country with these traits. Last year’s startup weekend success shows that this will become a reality very quickly. Many people from last year continued after startup weekend with their venture. Some were funded, and some continued to pursue startup initiatives and all were delighted with the results. I think it is important not only for the Serbians to see what success they can have, but the world to see what great talent we have. There is much to be done though. We need more activities, events, education and mentorships to help develop the startup ecosystem. For example in technology, which is key, we need to further develop our technical education. I hope that others will join me in developing Serbia to be the top startup scene”.

Last year at the first startup weekend, creative minds ranging from entrepreneurs to graphic designers gathered at The Royal Palace in Belgrade and worked intensively on taking their ideas and turning them into a business in only 54 hours. More than 100 participants worked on 14 different ideas with the help of 15 mentors from different areas of expertise and all this with the active participation of The Royal Family, who were present during the whole event and of course, were proudly listening to the final presentations at the end. One of the companies created at this event is Brides2Bride, that this year received a 90.000 EUR non-refundable grant from Innovation Fund to further develop their business.

Belgrade 2nd Startup Weekend is a perfect opportunity for meeting with potential partners who will help you to make your idea come to life, but also for already launched startups to improve themselves and to get some additional finances for their businesses.

The members of the Royal Council for Entrepreneurship, including SPEA and SEE ICT are supporting this event together with Crown Prince Alexander Foundation. Ernst & Young has recognized the importance of this event for the second year in a row and is a gold sponsor.

The winners will get tickets for Belgrade Venture Forum, FundraiseIT conference, a chance to pitch at Startit Fest, and free participation in Ceed programme as well as many other prizes.

For more information and applying please visit the official website – or contact