Second Belgrade Startup Weekend at the White Palace Ends

Crown Prince Alexander diligently followed work of young startups during the while weekend at the White Palace.


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II officially proclaimed the Second Belgrade Startup Weekend completed this evening at the White Palace, and awarded the best teams.

The Second Belgrade Startup Weekend took place this weekend at the White Palace with the support of His Royal Highness Hereditary Prince Peter and under auspices of the Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Culture and Education, gathering over 75 participants who worked with 15 mentors during 54 hours this weekend. It is very interesting that participants have met at this event for the first time, when they were grouped in teams and started working on their ideas. It was a perfect opportunity to meet potential investors, but also for already established startups to improve their business and find additional financing..

In the presence of HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Ms Alison Andrews, Prof. Dr Neda Bokan and Prof. Dr Ana Trbovic, members of the board of Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation fo education and culture, HRH Crown Prince Alexander presented the best teams with awards and expressed his pleasure that the Royal Family hosted young people of Serbia who did their best to turn their dreams in concrete projects, for a second year in a row. In his speech, HRH Crown Prince Alexander II emphasized:

 “I am very proud that this Startup Weekend took place at the White Palace, and that eleven projects were created in a very short period of time. We hope to have even more Startups in the future, because I sincerely believe what I have said at the opening on Friday – entrepreneurship is the back bone of every successful economy”.

His Royal Highness Hereditary Prince Peter emphasized that Serbia already proved to be very successful in Information Technology. He added that Serbia has innovative people with good ideas, but that they lack support to present their ideas to the market and to connect with partners to develop their business. “Therefore we want to show positive examples through my father’s Foundation for culture and education, and to present established models of fostering entrepreneurship among young people. Startup Weekend is the most highly esteemed event of its kind in the world, and has been held in over 100 countries all over the world so far. I am very happy and proud that my father’s Foundation for Culture and Education managed to put Serbia for a second year in a row on the startup map of the world“, added Hereditary Prince Peter.

Winners of the Second Belgrade Startup Weekend are:

Winner, team ‘BookMee’ with Ivan Hristic, Ines Delic, Strahinja Krstic, Igor Ciric i Eleonora Sergijevic. They created an application that would be loved by ladies because it will make possible for them to book a place in hairdresser’s or beauty salon in their city.

Second best, team ‘Kick buddy’ with Mirko Francuski, Nikola Isakov, Marko Djukovic and Nenad Nikolin. They designed an application to enable football lovers to easy find another team on Internet to compete with.

Number 3, ekipa ‘Epoharium’ with Marko Nikolic, Nemanja Milić, Dejan Vukmirovic, Milica Vasic, Jovanka Cvejic, Vlastimir Popovic and Sandra Tosic. They created a program to help primary and secondary school students learn history an easy way.

Winning teams received an invitation to participate in the Belgrade Enterpreneurship Forum, FundraiseIT conference, to make a presentation at StartIt Fest and participate for free at CEED educational programme “Grow to market”, they’ve got a ‘Lean Startup’ book published by Mate, and several other worthy prizes.

The organization of this event was supported by members of Royal Council for Entrepreneurship SPEA and SEE ICT, as well as Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation for Culture and Education. Ernst & Young was a golden sponsor for the second year in a row.

The Royal Family would like to thank socially responsible companies that supported the organization of this important event that has been very important for Serbia and all our citizens: Ernst & Young, Coca Cola HBC, Knjaz Natura, Publisher house “Mate”, Butchery Nada, “Cvetkova pijaca” Belgrade, Chicken production Avramovic, Jarak, Butchery Nedeljkovic, Sasinci, Meat Industry Vindija, Lajkovac, Buthcery Jolic, New Belgrade, Don Don Belgrade, Granice doo Mladenovac, Remi doo, Jagodina, Piljan Komerc Doljevci, Rusmir doo, Mirijevo.

HRH Hereditary Prince Peter HRH Crown Prince Alexander II, HRH Crown Princess Katherine and Ms Alison Andrews with participants of the Second Belgrade Startup Weekend HRH Crown Prince Alexander II with best teams of the Second Belgrade Startup Weekend Crown Prince Alexander, Princess Katherine and Ms Alison Andrews gave their full support to young startups to develop their ideas Crown Prince Alexander addressed participants of the Second Belgrade Startup Weekend and expressed his satisfaction that Belgrade Startup Weekend was a huge success second year in a row