We must not forget the victims of the illegal NATO bombing

HRH Crown Prince Alexander


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander said on the occasion of 24 March, the anniversary of the illegal NATO bombing of Serbia and pointed out:

“Eighteen years have passed since the terrible and devastating aggression against our country and our people, the worst since World War II. With great sadness we remember the terrible suffering of our people during the bombing in 1999, and the grief for those who tragically lost their lives has not diminished over the years. The United Nations never authorized this shameful and appalling act of aggression. Not only did our citizens lose their lives, but the infrastructure of Serbia was destroyed.

The victims of this shameful illegal act, the people who lost their lives, the extinguished lives of the young people and many injured should never be forgotten. I hope that our people will never ever experience anything like this, and that Serbia will in the future follow the right path of strong and stable democracy that respects all citizens regardless of their origin or the differences that exist between them”, said Crown Prince Alexander.